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Congratulations to the 2024 Del Oro TRADESTRONG scholarship recipients! Thank you to our industry sponsors: Cook Engineering, PAPÉ Material Handling, Drilltech Drilling and FLINT Builders. Special thanks to our industry partners, Shellie and Sean Cook, (Cook Foundation / Cook Engineering) for showing up to support these CTE students on awards night!

Pictured (L-R) Shellie and Sean Cook (Cook Foundation/Cook Engineering), Aidan Morris, Julie Thomas, Jack Sindt, Wyatt Alexander, Emily & Brent Collins (TRADESTRONG)

We would like to welcome the following Del Oro High School scholarship recipients into the TRADESTRONG family:

Pictured (L-R) Brent Collins (TRADESTRONG), Aidan Morris, Emily Collins (TRADESTRONG)

Wyatt Alexander (Electrical Lineman, Northern California Lineman School)       

TRADESTRONG/Cook Foundation/Cook Engineering Scholarship

       $5,000 (Renewable to $10,000) 


Pictured (L-R) Emily & Brent Collins (TRADESTRONG) Aidan Morris, Aidan's parents, Mike Pahl (Del Oro CTE Instructor)

Aidan Morris (Automotive Tech & Diesel Mechanics, Wyotech)       

TRADESTRONG/Cook Foundation/PAPÉ Material Handling Scholarship

       $5,000 (Renewable to $10,000)


Pictured (L-R) Brent Collins (TRADESTRONG), Julie Thomas, Emily Collins (TRADESTRONG)

Julie Thomas (Welding, Sierra College Welding Tech)       

TRADESTRONG/Cook Foundation/Drilltech Drilling Scholarship



Pictured (L-R) Brent Collins (TRADESTRONG), Jack Sindt, Emily Collins (TRADESTRONG)

Jack Sindt (Welding, Sierra College Welding Tech)       

TRADESTRONG/Cook Foundation/FLINT Builders Scholarship



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